The Master's Shard

Slot Amulet Aura strong enchantment CL 20th Weight 1 lb.

The Master’s Shard appears to be a deep violet amethyst crystal, hewn into a perfect spindle cut about three inches long. Thin flecks of gold embedded in the crystal flash as it gently rotates. If it is not restrained, it floats upright a few inches off whatever surface it is laid upon.

The Master’s Shard grants the wielder a tier of the Marshal mythic path. It also grants up to five close associates of the wielder who are on the same plane as the wielder a tier of one of the other five mythic paths. If those characters already possess another of the Shards, these tiers stack with those granted by the other Shard(s). If a character granted a tier by this Shard ever leaves the same plane as the Shard, it loses that tier (though the tier can be regained by returning to the same plane as the Shard).


It is not known whether the Shards themselves can be destroyed, as they appear to be the manifested essence of the gods’ remaining presence in the world. The Crystal Crown, as history has demonstrated, can be destroyed and reforged by smiths of sufficient power — or smashed by warrior kings of sufficient power.


After the Crystal Crown was sundered during the War of the Shards, High King Arn Fellsoul kept this Shard for himself. Though he feared losing the Crown and its power to the scourge that threatened all of humanity, he feared losing the source of his own power more. It was buried in his tomb with him after his death.

The Master's Shard

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