The Telus Chronicles

Adventures in Time 8

The crypt…such a strange place. Honestly I’m beginning to worry I’ll never understand humans as well as my people think they do. The entire crypt is such a waste. Banquet rooms and riches beyond compare. What need do the dead have for such resources. Such resources as we found could easily have fed all the destitute in a major city for many years. Hopefully our group will put it to good use.

Aine found a mechanical dragon, or spirit. It was a sarcastic creature and I don’t fully trust it, but perhaps it will prove a boon in the future.

The blood rites and traps and undead…quite disturbing. I mentioned all this in my previous journal entry but I have to make the point a second time. All this effort to guard the riches of a being that has no use for them. Even the ancient bow of elven origin. Was this the trophy of someone conquered by this king? I must admit to being quite curious as to its origins. If there is time I will have to seek the advice of a historian sage knowledgeable in my people. Regardless of all that it is one of the finest bows I have ever seen. It generates its own arrows, unbelievably useful and powerful.

Now we must decide upon our next course of action. The group seems bent upon traveling to the dwarves for our second shard. Honestly I can’t truly disagree with the course, though I’m not really sure as to why there is such ardent belief it has to be the dwarves next. In the end I am ambivalent, so I do not question the option much. Personally we could easily have made our next attempt in this great chasm. Purchasing the resources needed would be quite simple.

Safeguarding this fortune we find ourselves in possession of will prove quite difficult I think. We find ourselves once again in this cesspit of humanity. It keeps drawing us back like metal shavings to a load-stone. It is worrisome.

I just hope we can get back on the road soon. I feel our mission is more time critical than we all realize.


Cinerator Malanthris

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