The Telus Chronicles

Adventures in Time 10-

Putting the human capital behind us brings a return the the road. We look to disguise ourselves as best we can but we definitely stand out. I’ve taken to keeping my hood up. Barnaby, however, will still stand out.

Barnaby isn’t about sharing the information he knows. I am worried he will lead to the failure of the team. He cannot be trusted and owes allegiance only to himself. Granted few in our unlikely band seem truly selfless. I worry our lack of cohesion will result in our untimely end and as a result the end of the world. I don’t care for the gods but I do care for the people of the world. All people, not just my own.

We sent Barnaby on his own into a city in turmoil. One only hopes he doesn’t end up burning it down. Though in the end little seemed to go wrong. I cannot say the same would have resulted if we had all gone within. There is a lot of suffering within the city, I can feel is emanating off the walls in waves. Sometimes having the gift of divination isn’t such a gift.

We joined up with our old nautical comrades. Perhaps the trip to the dwarven lands will pass as relatively smoothley as our beginning… I won’t hold my breath.


Cinerator Malanthris

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