The Telus Chronicles

Adventures in Time 7

I awoke to the clamoring of the Barnaby. He’s rather loud for such a small individual. I suppose I can’t judge him too harshly, however, it was for a good cause.

Altreyssa was let free… I have no idea why she was or how it was brought about. Honestly, if I think about it, it’s a little odd and suspicious. Then again I’m finding that humans are a lot more alien in their motivations and character than I had originally thought.

Of course now that we have the sister back, the brother, Morgan, disappears. I assume he thought he could effect some sort of rescue without the rest of us.

With friends like these, I find myself wondering who needs enemies. I imagine the Smith saw something in us, and indeed, I had thought we had the beginnings of a good team built prior to our shift in time. Perhaps it’s that disgusting corrupt city. Perhaps it’s tainted in some way that corrupts others. I am hoping now that we are away, things will be different.

We found Morgan skulking about the tavern in which we met the Raven. Thankfully with all of us back together again, we all seemed to agree on something wonderful. Get the abyss away from that city.

The journey wasn’t very eventful. Aine proved her worth in getting us into the crypt as it was warded by foul blood magics. Was this put upon the crypt by the humans!? Why? I’m beginning to wonder about this mission…

Barnaby was able to talk to the “engineer” that designed the crypt, I think it was. They killed him. Disgusting! Alberil seems honorable, if a little misguided, but I’m starting to wonder more and more about human society. They killed him to keep the place secret? It bears investigation.

We were beset upon by undead creatures. Perhaps this place has been desecrated and befouled by another force. That nemesis I have been thinking about perhaps? I can feel a foul force working against us. My diviner senses tell me something foul is afoot…


Cinerator Malanthris

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