The Telus Chronicles

Adventures in Time 4

I find myself wondering just how difficult it will be to complete this task of collecting the shards. We have yet to find the first and here our group finds itself mired in solving this mystery of bees. It is, of course, the right thing to do, helping these people. There is no other answer. The free will of these people seems to have been stolen from them. I find this idea not only disturbing but also insulting to life in of itself.

This task must be key to preventing the destruction of all civilization in my eye. Otherwise why would these gods risk the unraveling of history by our deeds in order to achieve these results. We are already creating ripples in the fabric of time with our actions. I wonder if anyone knows what happened to this town in history. A good question to ask if any of us in the group were a sage well studied in history. Perhaps my fellow elf knows. She seems the most likely sort to have heard something. Our actions could very well drastically change what happens in the future. Indeed, it is our goal to do this very thing. Though what other waves are we sending forth. Will this gun knowledge lead my wilder kin to strength enough to defeat my own kin? A disturbing thought. As factious as my people are, I think having our multiple societies is in the end, for the best.

I find myself wondering how best to build our team. We work fairly well together, but we aren’t a tightly knit team yet. Each of our members is competent in their own right, but how do we mesh that into a mighty fist of tactics and strategy is what I speak of. It may end up being quite challenging. I need to make more effort to know these people in a much deeper way other than their abilities.

I am hopeful our route will take us by my homeland. I look forward to seeing my people as they were in this time. How alike are they to what I am used to in my own time? Will I find them disappointing or have my people lost something over the many centuries. It will be interesting, regardless.

It seems I will not meet my goal of joining the Ildurae Maelen will likely not come to fruition. Perhaps when travelling about my homeland that will be something I could accomplish, but with no history or recordings of who I am it may prove difficult. Also, if we find ourselves returned to our own time at some point, how to explain the situation to the current day’s order? Mind twisting thoughts…


Cinerator Malanthris

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