The Telus Chronicles

Adventures in Time 3

Chaos. Pure confusion. Screams and cacophony and townsfolk with black eyes filled the night. Those with black eyes seem almost like drones very similar to the bees. If that is the case then who is the queen?

In all the happenings our group managed to spread to the winds. It was lucky nothing more combatitive was afoot.

I came upon a frightened young elven girl with silver eyes. It was truly unusual but other than being scared there didn’t seem anything suspicious about her except the odd eyes. I can’t help but think, however, that she must be a piece of this puzzle somehow. Could she be the queen and not know it? I’m interested in figuring out what the others in the group have found out…

If she is as she seems, an innocent young elf, however, we’ll have to figure out what to do with her. Getting her to our newly made wild elf friends seems the best option.


Hey Merk, just so you know I’m counting this post as your participation in the last session, so rather than a re-roll you’re getting the “all players” XP reward.

Adventures in Time 3
Cinerator Malanthris

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