The Telus Chronicles

Adventures in Time 2

I was given the opportunity to help with the feast which I appreciate. I was feeling a little stir crazy just sitting waiting. The feast was just what you would expect though enjoyable none-the-less.

Morgan provided a demonstration of his pistols, something that I do not believe exists in this time period. The elves were worried, though I doubt they’ll have to worry about it harming them in the foreseeable future. Who knows what effect the demonstration will have. Perhaps nothing at all. It was only a minor, if loud, happening.

Traveling, that is what these gods have put us up to. Traveling, no doubt, interspersed with fits of abrupt violence. That is our future and perhaps our end. We walked, then we rode on rafts down the river. It was adventurous to say the least as none of us seem capable waterfolk. It turned out fine except our shadowy gnome taking an extra bath, something that might have been needed anyway.

We came to a human town at the edge of the wood. Its main product is honey! I intend to make extensive tests of the various honeys that are produced! Honey and warm biscuits….that is true divinity.

The people don’t seem to be getting any sleep. Strange. Something haunts this town, and quite conveniently we have some time to wait for the next shipment of honey that is being sent down the river. Time enough to look into this matter…


Cinerator Malanthris

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