The Telus Chronicles

Adventures in Time 1

We don’t know where we are or more importantly when. Our first task of this entire thing is rather mundane, get unlost. Is unlost a word in the human tongue? Somehow I don’t think it seems right but my people make a point of getting purposefully lost at times. That’s when you find the more interesting things in life.

I find a game trail that follows the river. It runs north to south, so we need only choose one direction. We follow the direction of the river/stream. It will lead us to a greater body of water and eventually some form of settlement.

While we rest before moving off in the morning I find a small bit of mottled, purposefully, cloth. In my estimation it was meant to hide the wearer in undergrowth and is of fine make. I have a feeling we are being watched.

Travel is rather easy going, but it isn’t long before we find out that we were indeed being watched. Wood elves converge on our party. I like this group, truly. We have been through much in a short amount of time, but they certainly do enjoy making things difficult. The wood elves demand our weapons. I’m just happy they haven’t killed me outright given the histories before our people, though at that point I didn’t know if we came before or after the schism. We told them we had been traveling by way of magic and were “blown” off course. A white lie, but how could they possibly believe the truth.

We later learn we have come in contact with the Darkleaf tribe, a group that has been kept from the greater conflicts between their and my people. A boon, or I’m sure my, at least, greeting would have been much less friendly. Their town is beautiful, though the children a little shy of us. New friends were hard to come by.

The council allowed us to stay as guests and then be led to where we sought to go, but we requested an audience with Doronel Mornalasse the eldest of the council and one that seemed more likely than others to believe our true tale of why we were in the forest. Thankfully our audience was granted.

Upon the meeting we wove our tale of what we had endured. She doesn’t quite believe us, though she believes that we believe what we have seen. Perhaps she thinks we are insane, or duped by magic. I’m still not sure we have not been duped, so I can understand her fear. I have pinned down our date in the least! 4572, 1252 years into the past. After the three civil wars.

Picking our first task is proving to be difficult. I think we should find some more sage council from a library. Doronel seems wise and knowledgeable but she is a wood elf. Their knowledge is passed down from elf to elf, changed along the way. The two greatest libraries lay in Ost-in Edhil, among my people, and Tyrol. Both lay upon our path to one of the shards. Though I might enjoy seeing my people as they were a millennium before my time I care not which path we take.

Some worry about going to the shard at Tyrol. We know when it will be discovered, so we have time, but they worry about robbing a tomb. None spoke of desecrating the burial of a king, but a king that would take wealth with them to the grave is unworthy of the name. It makes me proud that my own people, mostly, left behind such silly thoughts as birthrights. You must earn your way. To waste resources appeasing someone that is dead and will not care is truly the height of foolishness. I keep the strength of my beliefs hidden. I do not wish to stir conflict. It seems those that are human amongst us are proud of their bloodlines. My bloodline is no less ascendant than theirs, yet I was expected to make my own way in the world, make my own name, not carry that of my parents as a flag of my greatness due merely to an accident of birth. One cannot take baubles with them into the afterlife regardless. Perhaps we should pick the path leading toward my people merely to push this conflict off to a later date…


Cinerator Malanthris

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