The Telus Chronicles

Adventures in Humaning 5

With the reports I’m hearing about the oncoming horde of orc I am worried that even with all the work I’m putting into training this fine group of archers it will all be for naught. Something greater than mere orcs is driving this group. There have been sightings of a dragon. I’m quite certain orcs can’t control dragons.

Things have been pretty mundane with my group and I standing watch in our tower. We’re doing our best to familiarize ourselves with the ins and outs and ready ourselves for the fight that IS going to come.

The first sighting of orcs has occurred! Time to fight!

The battle went better than one could expect in the end. My squad…my poor squad fought well prior to my departure. One was felled fairly quickly with an arrow to the neck. When did orcs learn to shoot so well? The fighting to the east seemed to be more hard pressed, or perhaps we had concentrated our best archers in one location so that we were able to take out the explosives prior to them reaching the walls. In the end it was all for naught. Dragons! First one, set upon us burning the walls with it’s corrosive breath. I could not see what was happening too clearly but the noise almost made it difficult to concentrate at times. That and the sense of dread that emanates from the beast.

Eventually a second dragon appeared and fought. It’s hard to really describe the battle. Epic perhaps but it pales in comparison to what happened next.

We found ourselves transported. A being proclaiming himself the Smith brought us to what I surmise is his domain. It is said that dragons are the embodiment of the gods, and so this seems to lend credence to that. The Smith predicted the fall of Tyre. The only way to prevent this would be to reform the Crystal crown by finding the seven pieces and then reforging it. Then we would need to crown a High King…or Queen.

We were gifted with a sight of where these seven parts lay…not that this gives me any true sense of relief given where some of the pieces seemed to lay (the maelstrom to the south). Of interest were the lands that lay to the west, blocked by mountains and the maelstrom.

Also of note is a shadowy presence around a gnome that popped up just during the battle. It is suspicious but the Smith brought him along with the rest of my squad. So, while I don’t know them very well, most seem to be honorable sorts. The shadow presence is worrisome.

In the end all seemed to agree to take up this burden to save the world from whatever force lays behind this orc menace. Good.

Also Altrey is actually a woman. They are members of some House, Delvoske. Apparently they wished to remain hidden. I won’t say anything but dirt is typically a very good disguise and humans breed like rabbits. A brother/sister pair aren’t rare and humans are so dirty I doubt anyone would notice? Hair dye and dirt.


Cinerator Malanthris

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