In The Beginning

In ancient times the six gods walked the length and breadth of Telus, sharing their knowledge and power with their children. In time the First Men rose up against their creators and drove them out of the world, a great rebellion that until now has only threatened doubt, not death. That is no longer true.

In the modern era, the Shards — five kingdoms united in the heritage of the First Men — stand as a beacon in the darkness. Beset by enemies, brave heroes stand in defense of the realms, but their foes are powerful and their armies are legion. The lights are going out across Telus, and we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.

The Story So Far

Drafted into the Tyresian military, six adventurers were thrown into the breach of the last line of defense against the orcish hordes of Morkal. They held firm for seven days and nights, but even the mightiest rock can be overwhelmed by the rising tide, and they found themselves fighting what seemed to be their final stand at Fort Pitchfork. With the walls breached and orcs pouring through the gaps, all seemed to be lost. In their moment of desperation, a massive green dragon swept in over the battlements, blasting friend and foe alike with clouds of acidic spray.

Then their fortunes changed. An even greater brass dragon joined the battle, engaging the green and driving back the orc invaders. The adventurers were lifted up into a vision of the Smith and the Artist, two of the six absent deities, wherein the Smith called upon the adventurers to retrieve the shards of the ancient Crystal Crown, an artifact left by the gods to show their favor even in their absence. With the crown reforged, the gods can reenter the world and drive back the forces of darkness.

The six travelers awoke to find themselves transported halfway across the region and more than a thousand years in time, at a period of great crisis. Where they go from here is their choice, but every choice has a consequence…