Nations of Telus

The nations of Telus have a long and tumultuous history, and have only recently come into their present arrangement. After the cataclysms unleashed during the Rebellion the Spine of Telus and The Maw formed an impassable barrier dividing Telus into two halves, east and west. The eastern nations have recently come to be called the Shards in reference to the shattered Crystal Crown of the High Kings who ruled over them in ages past.

The Shards

The shards have alternated between bitter conflict and prosperous harmony over the ages, though the present season teeters between the two. Mistrust and differences of interest drive the Shards apart, but shared history may yet save them from the fires of war.

  • Altreik: A loose federation of dwarven baronies, Altreik has friendly relations with Tyre and is presently preparing to defend the passes at Leirinmore and Kastalinn Gira from Morkalan orcs.
  • Llynariel: At the modern end of the elven spectrum, the royal court of Llynariel’s high elves is highly sophisticated in its scholarship, arcane research, art, and literature.
  • Llynveyl: A highly insular society composed entirely of wood elves, the tribes of Llynveyl answer only to an Elder Moot held in a secret glade every winter solstice.
  • Paecia: A prosperous if simple nation of traders and fishermen, Paecia lives by the tides and the seas. Though protected from the other nations of Telus by the Gull Mountains, the dark reaches of the Ironwood and the icy heights of Beth Elannen have their own secrets…
  • Tyre: A titular duchy, Tyre was once the seat of the High Kings of Telus. Now the most prosperous of the “Shards,” Tyre stands the most to lose from the many wars threatening to break out upon its borders.

The West

The men of the West were the first to instigate the Rebellion, and for that sin they have suffered mightily. Refusing to bow to their perceived oppressors, they continue to strive for domination over the world as they know it. The modern Imperium continues this quest, opposed by the elves of Llyntiroedd and the ghosts of the dwarves of Perlereik.

  • Imperium: This aggressively pro-human nation claims to have direct lineage back to the lords of the First Men, and indeed to the Master himself.
  • Khariya: A rebel province fortuitously protected by the Rivers Discidus and Filius, Khariya has developed its own distinct dialect of Imperial Common, its own culture, and a far more fluid system of nobility.
  • Llyntiroedd: This largely pacifist nation of elves long ago discarded the distinction between high and wood elves, instead preferring to advance their arcane knowledge while maintaining their fey heritage.
  • Perlereik: A great horde of creatures from deep underground has left this last bulwark of the western dwarves in tatters. Only two cities of a once-great empire now remain.

Nations of Telus

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