History of Telus


Three calendars are in common use throughout Telus, and this may cause some confusion as different historians use different dates to refer to the same year. The southern nations tend to use the oldest system, marking dates “Ab Hadesh” or “from the Discovery.” These dates refer to the discovery of Telus by the gods, and by that reckoning the present date is 7513 AH.

The Imperium officially reckons its dates from the onset of the Rebellion, some 1,307 years after the Discovery. By that standard it is now 6206 AR.

Finally, the eastern nations mark the date in reference to the discovery of the Crystal Crown in 1693 AH. By a wide margin the youngest of the calendars, in the Shards it is now reckoned to be the year 5820 CC. Years are broken into twelve thirty-day months, with the remaining five or six days (depending upon when the oracles in Goston declare the new year begun) and falling “between” the two years known as the “Teriksnotte,” or “Trickster’s Night.” These months are known as:

  • Donmun, the month of Dawn
  • Kerismun, the month of Crystal
  • Konismun, the Master’s month
  • Doctemun, the Doctor’s month
  • Branismun, Bran’s month
  • Muttemun, the Mother’s month
  • Duersimun, the month of Dwarves
  • Smetismun, the Smith’s month
  • Alsimun, the month of Elves
  • Hersimun, the month of Harvest
  • Ortesmun, the Artist’s month
  • Doskemun, the month of Dusk

For clarity, the events recorded below are reckoned according to the Ab Hadesh calendar, but the accounts provided by various historians have been preserved in the reckoning used by the various authors.


History of Telus

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