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  • Zephyr's Rest

    [[File:548673 | class=media-item-align-center | 700px | european_medieval_village_by_klauspillon-d9667s2.jpg]] Named for the legend of the [[Religion and Philosophy | Artist's]] descent from the [[Gull Mountains]] soon after the Discovery, Zephyr's …

  • Goston

    [[File:548666 | class=media-item-align-center | 700px | standing_stones_by_kaeriya-d8qqcz7.jpg]] Home to at least three High Kings and gateway to [[Nen Hern]], Goston has long been linked with the [[Crystal Crown | Crystal Crown]]. The faithful often …

  • High Halls of the Druids

    h2. The Greenwardens Primarily composed of wood elves, this reclusive order of druids, rangers, and barbarians guards the High Halls of the Druids. Their reach extends throughout the [[Dreamwood]], and their hold is absolute, which has caused some …

  • Kreko de la Pasero

    h2. Jacqueline's Marauders A small pirate fleet operating out of Kreko de la Pasero, this band has been responsible for keeping Imperial naval expeditions small, heavily armed, and close to shore.