The Telus Chronicles


It became perfectly clear. As precise as any blueprint and as delineated as any formula. This ‘game’ the nobles played, that the songbirds made possible was the very reason our parents, our family died and my sister now lay in the hands of those that wanted to use her for their own ends. Even this Robin woman served a patron, one possibly of our own blood however distant in the past, and she warned other songbirds served other patrons who would work against us. We were not a threat. We were only a piece of something shiny that caught their eye. They were like Jackdaws, drawn to the shining and glimmering bits for no other reason than to feather their nest with them and to be forgotten once taken. Capricious, cruel and utterly uncaring, these were the great and powerful nobles of Tyre, mayhap it did deserve to be swept under by a horde of orcs.

Being talked down to by that lump of a bartender, by that woman Robin rankled me. I do not need to know the avian pecking order as they feed on a corpse to know they are vermin. Scavengers, that is what these Songbirds are, feeding on the corpse of the virtues. I listened to Alberil speak, his desire to not sully his Honor by breaking their laws even if no one else knew. He would know. I saw in that simple statement the rightness of his words. To engage in their game is suffer its tainted. One cannot sleep with dogs and not get fleas.

It is clear, the songbirds must die. Their actions demean what remaining virtues exist in this age of Tyre. I know from my experience they survive until my time for they are the instruments that saw to the death of my family and some in our group have spoken of the inevitability of Time. I would however be condoning their actions if I did nothing.

I am a man of science. As I used my knowledge to help protect my squad in the field so too will I use my skill to defeat this threat to the remaining virtues of Man. I will prepare myself, arm myself against this scourge and they will come to understand the wrath of a virtuous man.

Adventures in Time 6

A trip by boat! A time of rest and recovery. Though in truth the hardships we’ve faced so far are quite a relief in comparison with those prior to our trip through time. I have spent as much time as I can in my tomes, learning magics that will boost my archery. Perhaps, as I will write about further, I should not have neglected my archery practice.

All in all the trip has gone rather swiftly and with ease. The one notable exception being a stop in which we encountered a dire bear. Though I lament the number of times we have had to put poor beasts down, all creatures dire aren’t quite natural. It was a massive beast that assuredly had ended the lives of more than a few poor travelers. It seems to have staked out a claim right on the road.

I must work at my archery harder! While I did take extra care not to harm those of my group that were within range of the claws of the beast, I am a better shot than my performance indicated. I hit only once in six attempts. Such an abysmal percentage to be sure. The wind wasn’t particularly strong that day either. Truly the only blame lays with me. I did hurry my shots to get more arrows into the air as the beast was truly quite impressively large. Fear did not affect my aim. I have no excuse. I shall make time to practice my shot more. Balance between the material and the magical.

We made it to Tyrol with no more incidents. It is large and bustling, though movement about the city is more restricted than I expected. We’ll need to procure passes of some kind to move about freely. There is a tournament in two weeks that I do believe Alberil has some interest in. Morgan is having the bear’s head coated in silver and turned into a chest. I can’t really fathom the purpose of it, but I’m more impressed with the amount of coin he is walking around with. It is his coin, of course, but part of me wonders if it could not have been put to better use. We are, after all, back in time with a purpose.

Finally, I’ll leave out names in case this falls into the wrong hands, I must have the look of a ruffian! I was asked to seek to enter a lady’s service and then steal a manuscript of a memoire. Apparently there are details best left to the darkness of the past. For this service I was offered five hundred gold coins. A large sum that I’ve never seen the like of. Of course, gold holds more value in human lands than in my own. I can’t say that I had to think upon the matter strongly. The gold could be put to very good use. However, in the end, I had to decline. One, I’m not comfortable with lying to others. I’m not convinced the deed would have been within the moral right. If it had been something written by an evil despot perhaps, but merely a noble with shady dealings in her past? I cannot take the risk of exposing our mission to delay if I were caught even if I were merely a thief.

However, if I were inclined I’m sure our gnome companion, Barnaby would be able to help me disguise myself. Something to think about for the future, if the cause is more noble.

Adventures in Time 5

I had to hear about what had happened after the fact. I’m still a little uncertain how I was talked into staying out of the action to watch Rose, despite feeling responsible for her. In the end I don’t suppose it matters too much as everything seems to have turned out well.

These creatures were using their powers to convince the people of the town to aid them in procuring food. Not an altogether sinister act if it weren’t for stealing the people’s free will and preventing them from getting much needed rest during the night.

In the end a deal was struck that was beneficial to all parties, at least I hope. Who knows what will happen in the future. I find it odd that our actions here have maintained the timeline. Odd and disturbing. Does this mean there is no free will? If our action merely reinforce the timeline it speaks strongly toward fate and predetermination.

If one takes this further then I’m not convinced our actions here are going to succeed. Then again perhaps there would have been more bloodshed prior to a deal being made. Perhaps a group of knights will ride into town a month hence and discover the dangers have already passed. It is hard to say.

I have enlisted the aid of the townsfolk to look after Rose, much like they have of late. It does seem, however, that she is much older than she appears. Then again the written note did seem as if written by one much more mature. Aine believes that all Rose has undergone has led toward her childlike demeanor. While I suppose it makes some sense, something about the whole thing doesn’t quite add up in my mind.

I have encouraged Rose to try and find out about what she is. I think that it may well be important. I would have very much liked to have aided her more, but I feel our purpose here must not be sidetracked, and worry that bringing her along would prove entirely too dangerous.

We leave this town behind on a boat, but instead of feeling like something has been accomplished I feel like we leave more work behind…

Adventures in Time 4

I find myself wondering just how difficult it will be to complete this task of collecting the shards. We have yet to find the first and here our group finds itself mired in solving this mystery of bees. It is, of course, the right thing to do, helping these people. There is no other answer. The free will of these people seems to have been stolen from them. I find this idea not only disturbing but also insulting to life in of itself.

This task must be key to preventing the destruction of all civilization in my eye. Otherwise why would these gods risk the unraveling of history by our deeds in order to achieve these results. We are already creating ripples in the fabric of time with our actions. I wonder if anyone knows what happened to this town in history. A good question to ask if any of us in the group were a sage well studied in history. Perhaps my fellow elf knows. She seems the most likely sort to have heard something. Our actions could very well drastically change what happens in the future. Indeed, it is our goal to do this very thing. Though what other waves are we sending forth. Will this gun knowledge lead my wilder kin to strength enough to defeat my own kin? A disturbing thought. As factious as my people are, I think having our multiple societies is in the end, for the best.

I find myself wondering how best to build our team. We work fairly well together, but we aren’t a tightly knit team yet. Each of our members is competent in their own right, but how do we mesh that into a mighty fist of tactics and strategy is what I speak of. It may end up being quite challenging. I need to make more effort to know these people in a much deeper way other than their abilities.

I am hopeful our route will take us by my homeland. I look forward to seeing my people as they were in this time. How alike are they to what I am used to in my own time? Will I find them disappointing or have my people lost something over the many centuries. It will be interesting, regardless.

It seems I will not meet my goal of joining the Ildurae Maelen will likely not come to fruition. Perhaps when travelling about my homeland that will be something I could accomplish, but with no history or recordings of who I am it may prove difficult. Also, if we find ourselves returned to our own time at some point, how to explain the situation to the current day’s order? Mind twisting thoughts…

Adventures in Time 3

Chaos. Pure confusion. Screams and cacophony and townsfolk with black eyes filled the night. Those with black eyes seem almost like drones very similar to the bees. If that is the case then who is the queen?

In all the happenings our group managed to spread to the winds. It was lucky nothing more combatitive was afoot.

I came upon a frightened young elven girl with silver eyes. It was truly unusual but other than being scared there didn’t seem anything suspicious about her except the odd eyes. I can’t help but think, however, that she must be a piece of this puzzle somehow. Could she be the queen and not know it? I’m interested in figuring out what the others in the group have found out…

If she is as she seems, an innocent young elf, however, we’ll have to figure out what to do with her. Getting her to our newly made wild elf friends seems the best option.

Adventures in Time 2

I was given the opportunity to help with the feast which I appreciate. I was feeling a little stir crazy just sitting waiting. The feast was just what you would expect though enjoyable none-the-less.

Morgan provided a demonstration of his pistols, something that I do not believe exists in this time period. The elves were worried, though I doubt they’ll have to worry about it harming them in the foreseeable future. Who knows what effect the demonstration will have. Perhaps nothing at all. It was only a minor, if loud, happening.

Traveling, that is what these gods have put us up to. Traveling, no doubt, interspersed with fits of abrupt violence. That is our future and perhaps our end. We walked, then we rode on rafts down the river. It was adventurous to say the least as none of us seem capable waterfolk. It turned out fine except our shadowy gnome taking an extra bath, something that might have been needed anyway.

We came to a human town at the edge of the wood. Its main product is honey! I intend to make extensive tests of the various honeys that are produced! Honey and warm biscuits….that is true divinity.

The people don’t seem to be getting any sleep. Strange. Something haunts this town, and quite conveniently we have some time to wait for the next shipment of honey that is being sent down the river. Time enough to look into this matter…

Adventures in Time 1

We don’t know where we are or more importantly when. Our first task of this entire thing is rather mundane, get unlost. Is unlost a word in the human tongue? Somehow I don’t think it seems right but my people make a point of getting purposefully lost at times. That’s when you find the more interesting things in life.

I find a game trail that follows the river. It runs north to south, so we need only choose one direction. We follow the direction of the river/stream. It will lead us to a greater body of water and eventually some form of settlement.

While we rest before moving off in the morning I find a small bit of mottled, purposefully, cloth. In my estimation it was meant to hide the wearer in undergrowth and is of fine make. I have a feeling we are being watched.

Travel is rather easy going, but it isn’t long before we find out that we were indeed being watched. Wood elves converge on our party. I like this group, truly. We have been through much in a short amount of time, but they certainly do enjoy making things difficult. The wood elves demand our weapons. I’m just happy they haven’t killed me outright given the histories before our people, though at that point I didn’t know if we came before or after the schism. We told them we had been traveling by way of magic and were “blown” off course. A white lie, but how could they possibly believe the truth.

We later learn we have come in contact with the Darkleaf tribe, a group that has been kept from the greater conflicts between their and my people. A boon, or I’m sure my, at least, greeting would have been much less friendly. Their town is beautiful, though the children a little shy of us. New friends were hard to come by.

The council allowed us to stay as guests and then be led to where we sought to go, but we requested an audience with Doronel Mornalasse the eldest of the council and one that seemed more likely than others to believe our true tale of why we were in the forest. Thankfully our audience was granted.

Upon the meeting we wove our tale of what we had endured. She doesn’t quite believe us, though she believes that we believe what we have seen. Perhaps she thinks we are insane, or duped by magic. I’m still not sure we have not been duped, so I can understand her fear. I have pinned down our date in the least! 4572, 1252 years into the past. After the three civil wars.

Picking our first task is proving to be difficult. I think we should find some more sage council from a library. Doronel seems wise and knowledgeable but she is a wood elf. Their knowledge is passed down from elf to elf, changed along the way. The two greatest libraries lay in Ost-in Edhil, among my people, and Tyrol. Both lay upon our path to one of the shards. Though I might enjoy seeing my people as they were a millennium before my time I care not which path we take.

Some worry about going to the shard at Tyrol. We know when it will be discovered, so we have time, but they worry about robbing a tomb. None spoke of desecrating the burial of a king, but a king that would take wealth with them to the grave is unworthy of the name. It makes me proud that my own people, mostly, left behind such silly thoughts as birthrights. You must earn your way. To waste resources appeasing someone that is dead and will not care is truly the height of foolishness. I keep the strength of my beliefs hidden. I do not wish to stir conflict. It seems those that are human amongst us are proud of their bloodlines. My bloodline is no less ascendant than theirs, yet I was expected to make my own way in the world, make my own name, not carry that of my parents as a flag of my greatness due merely to an accident of birth. One cannot take baubles with them into the afterlife regardless. Perhaps we should pick the path leading toward my people merely to push this conflict off to a later date…

Adventures in Humaning 5

With the reports I’m hearing about the oncoming horde of orc I am worried that even with all the work I’m putting into training this fine group of archers it will all be for naught. Something greater than mere orcs is driving this group. There have been sightings of a dragon. I’m quite certain orcs can’t control dragons.

Things have been pretty mundane with my group and I standing watch in our tower. We’re doing our best to familiarize ourselves with the ins and outs and ready ourselves for the fight that IS going to come.

The first sighting of orcs has occurred! Time to fight!

The battle went better than one could expect in the end. My squad…my poor squad fought well prior to my departure. One was felled fairly quickly with an arrow to the neck. When did orcs learn to shoot so well? The fighting to the east seemed to be more hard pressed, or perhaps we had concentrated our best archers in one location so that we were able to take out the explosives prior to them reaching the walls. In the end it was all for naught. Dragons! First one, set upon us burning the walls with it’s corrosive breath. I could not see what was happening too clearly but the noise almost made it difficult to concentrate at times. That and the sense of dread that emanates from the beast.

Eventually a second dragon appeared and fought. It’s hard to really describe the battle. Epic perhaps but it pales in comparison to what happened next.

We found ourselves transported. A being proclaiming himself the Smith brought us to what I surmise is his domain. It is said that dragons are the embodiment of the gods, and so this seems to lend credence to that. The Smith predicted the fall of Tyre. The only way to prevent this would be to reform the Crystal crown by finding the seven pieces and then reforging it. Then we would need to crown a High King…or Queen.

We were gifted with a sight of where these seven parts lay…not that this gives me any true sense of relief given where some of the pieces seemed to lay (the maelstrom to the south). Of interest were the lands that lay to the west, blocked by mountains and the maelstrom.

Also of note is a shadowy presence around a gnome that popped up just during the battle. It is suspicious but the Smith brought him along with the rest of my squad. So, while I don’t know them very well, most seem to be honorable sorts. The shadow presence is worrisome.

In the end all seemed to agree to take up this burden to save the world from whatever force lays behind this orc menace. Good.

Also Altrey is actually a woman. They are members of some House, Delvoske. Apparently they wished to remain hidden. I won’t say anything but dirt is typically a very good disguise and humans breed like rabbits. A brother/sister pair aren’t rare and humans are so dirty I doubt anyone would notice? Hair dye and dirt.

Adventures in Humaning 4

I will admit that even my optimistic attitude was waning near the end of our stay. Would we get relief or would we have to hold this line while the outposts around us (four and six) fell to the enemy hordes. As it turns out fortune was with us and a large contingent of military forces came upon us.

It took all the military bearing drilled into me from a young age to keep a straight face while Morgan presented his report to the Sergeant. I suppose he will rise in rank and woe be to those that answer to him as he demands detailed reports from them!

It seems due to our prowess in holding outpost 5, Post Orcslayer as I call it in my head we have all been granted a promotion to Corporal. I wonder if forces outside this one have sustained heavy losses and they are desperate for bodies? Then again, those in the squad did carry themselves very well in the fight. In the end I feel it is deserved and all will perform admirably.

Though I hesitate to agree that the forces given to me are numerous enough to be called a platoon, I have been given a lead of five archers. I have dubbed us, Falcon Platoon. They seem an able group of archers and I look forward to seeing their capabilities.

We now travel to take the fight to the orcs. Our company has been tasked with scouting ahead of the main force and either eliminating groups we can or reporting back to the main force. During our scouting foray we ran into a large band of orcs. We were outnumbered an estimated two to one. Morgan was nominated leader of the Company, and it seems a good choice. If this had been an elven unit I would have leaped at the chance, but it didn’t seem right given the circumstances. I am, however, curious as to why our cavalier, Alberil, did not jump at the opportunity to lead. I had thought the human cavaliers were often officers? Apparently my assumptions were wrong.

The fight went well. A solid strategy from Morgan led us to victory. While I feared the worst when outmaneuvered by the orc charge, and seeing two of my men go down all ended quite well. Alberil’s charge did not go quite stunningly, but he recovered well and slew quite a few of the orc. My archers proved quite competent in their aim and poise and i’m proud to call them comrades. Unfortunately we did lose one of our cavalry, but considering the odds with which we took the field I think we should count ourselves quite fortunate. We mourn and honor the dead and bring victory in their name!

Returning to Fort Pitchfork has left me in odd spirits. While this journey has not been easy, and the pain and discomfort has been high, I find myself buzzing with energy and life. We have been given some time to rest and recuperate, but I don’t plan on lounging around. I will give Falcon Platoon time to rest and revel, but we must learn to work as a singular unit; elite and deadly. I’ve begun a series of aiming drills and moving, defending and guerrilla tactics. At night we drink and tell stories, reveling in the time we have remaining in our lives.


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