The Telus Chronicles

Journal of Alberil Valesk

entry 1

((I wrote way to much, I failed to make it shorter, and its all bad. read at own risk.))

I am conflicted.

For the first time on this quest from the smith I can truly claim to have felt this way for I am now unsure of a great many things I once trusted. I have retrieved this journal from my saddlebags in order to put these thoughts on paper so that I might get a second chance to think them over. Much has passed since my last entry and I have no idea how to explain those happenings so I shall skip those for now.

It began with a note that said to meet in a tavern called the three knights tavern, and the group decided to try and scout the place out ahead of time. The plan was for Jos and I to enter normally and get a look inside while Aine along with Barnaby looked around outside and the siblings took a look at the roof.

It started off well enough with Barnaby and Aine taking a look and passing along the information that the basement was covered in magic. At the time I didn’t pay much mind to it, we were probably meeting with a rather well established organization after and we were unlikely to actually enter the basement, and Jos and I proceeded to enter the tavern. We ordered a drink and chatted with the bartender, who seemed to know a lot about us and was quite obviously pressing for more. Sadly I remember little else due to the fact that I… passed out for lack of a better term. Supposedly the second drink I was given had something in it, or my liver must have been hit by a stray bear claw.

I awoke back in my room and feeling quite ill. Jos must have been able to get me back to the tavern. Apparently things had gone quite awry as not only had I passed out but Altreyssa was arrested under orders from the duchess herself for stealing the colors of another house, or was it the name? Either way she was in custody within the walls of the old town for something she was technically guilty for.

We had decided to go ahead with the meeting, though Morgan seemed rather… dark about it. In the time I was unconscious and we were waiting for the meeting the streets had seemingly emptied and on cursory inspection we were penned into the main road to the meeting with armed men on most roofs, all of which had their eyes on us.

Turns out the person we were meeting with was a part of some criminal organization, I believe the word songbirds was used, and she was offering to help us get Altreyssa back from the Duchess’s custody. That goal alone wasn’t fully agreeable to me, but I saw the need to Altreyssa back for the good of our mission. However, that was taken a step further when the only ways to free her that were discussed were to go further against everything I stand for. They wanted to break into the jail the she was being kept in, possibly injure or even kill guards and possibly an innocent bystander for a replacement body, and thus would be labeled as criminals under the eyes of the law. They wanted me to not only break the laws I swore to uphold and follow, injure the people I swore to protect, and go against the wishes of the ruler of Tyre who I swore to serve, but Jos and Barnaby both wanted me to break my all previously sworn oaths despite my stated opposition. Two of my trusted companions insisted I willingly toss away my honor, one of the few things I truly hold near and dear to my heart. Jos even went so far as to insult these ideals and state that the laws were unjust despite them being completely justifiable in any normal situation. In fact, Altreyssa was indeed breaking one in wearing the colors of one family and claiming to have the name of a different family.

Additionally, Morgan had taken a rather unsettling turn. Perhaps the siblings were more attached to one another than I had thought because he was seething on the way to the meeting with the songbird and it only got worse during. He might have been livid at the knowledge of his sister possibly but he seemed to understand my conviction to keeping my oath for he gave me a chance to preserve them through a trail by combat. He made me swear on my honor and on my name and I did indeed swear to protect his sister to the best of my ability. I am thankful for the chance provided to me but I am still somewhat doubtful of my chances to best whatever champion the duchess chooses and I am also dubious about Morgan’s state of mind.

I wish to save Morgan’s sister but If the group goes any further towards saving Altreyssa through subterfuge or murder I fear that I might have to make a choose I do not want to make. I do not want to turn friends to foes but it seems that is where the path seemingly leads.

It sounds like someone is at the door so I shall halt my rant.

Alberil Valesk.


Cinerator Savgeir

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