The Telus Chronicles

A day in the life of Barnaby!

Barnaby sighed. His head ached, the spirits were restless, and he felt as if he had nothing to show for it. He clambered out of bed and performed his daily ritual, beckoning yet another trickster to his side before setting off with his allies into the market where his own spirits were quickly lifted with the purchase of a double layered, linen cloak; black with patches of dark gray to cover his approaches all the better. The blowguns and darts didn’t hurt either.

He set on with them, quickly disagreeing with them splitting up but to no surprise it happened nonetheless. He stood with Anya, sensing significant magical properites from the basement of this tavern. The siblings climbed high, to high for him to warn, and Alberil was slow, perfectly slow enough that Barnaby COULD warn him. Not that it would have mattered.

Within the hour, Alberil was passed out, drunk on the job while the seemingly bewildered Jos stood near, unable to carry her friend. Barnaby, assuredly to no ones surprise, saved the day and calmed the might beast that was the bartender only to fail at the last moment of his interrogation. The spirit that Barnaby had allowed to carry on said interrogation was quickly banished into what was hopefully the darkest regions of hell… Maybe he’ll meet Tim!

By nightfall Barnaby had met, evaluated, dismiss, and re-entertained the idea of helping this Robin. Morgan hated her with a fiery passion which was certain to be valuable but for now, Barnaby was thinking in the short term. Robin was a walking bank for Barnaby, and he was hellbent to allow her to expend all of her usefulness. After such a time, Morgan would know what to do with her.

By the end of their mutual conversation, By night’s end Aberil swore an oath, Morgan took a precarious turn down a path more to the gnome’s liking, and the rest unintentionally floated around the pair like so many boats lost to the infinite whirlpools, and Barnaby cloaked not only his intentions but his physical being as they returned to the inn.

“The group seems to enjoy this idea of righteousness, mutual prosperity, and other pristine though trivial ideals. Not a one in the group trusts me with much more than they absolutely have to, which is fair. I’ll need to keep an eye on Morgan, though. I like where his mind is going, but the decent may be too steep to monitor appropriately.”


Cinerator justin_macfarlane_13

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